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Give a Special Message on a Very Special Day

Birthday Psalms in Central, Virginia, helps you create a prayer for children who are terminally ill. This is a special birthday message that serves as their source of hope and inspiration as they survive each day.

Asking for God's Grace through Reading & Prayers

There are many ways of giving hope to someone. For us, it comes in the form of Bible passages from the Book of Psalms. By joining our organization, you can do the same for a child who suffers from an incurable disease. You can start by following these six simple steps:

1. Choose any hospital within the country.
2. Look for the bible passages that correspond to your beneficiary's date of birth. For instance, you will create your message from chapters 6, 8, and 83 & Psalms 40, if the person was born on 6/8/83 plus Psalm 40 (God's favorite number).
3. Devote 15 minutes of your time each day to read from the book of Psalms for 40 days.
4. When you're reading Psalms 40, verse 16, the passage "the Lord be-magnified", say it 40 times.
5. Finish out with a "Thank You" prayer from the book of Revelation Chapter 7 Verse 12.
6. Each day that you read set aside $1 so after your 4o days of reading you should have $40.  Send it to St. Jude for further research on childhood cancer and childhood diseases.

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The Reason Behind Each Message

By dedicating these birthday messages to God, you are making your beneficiary's voices heard in heaven. In doing so, you help them find God in the midst of their pain and suffering. The Lord then becomes their instrument of hope as they go through their day-to-day struggles. Perhaps, this provides the faith and love they have yearned for all their lives.